Simple Electrical Repairs for your Home

Whether you are buying a new house or getting the old one renovated, there are always a few things which need continuous care and assistance and one of the most important amongst them is the electrical system. The electrical system is prone to short circuits and damages round the year, from mouse bites to a rough monsoon, anything can lead to the failure of the electrical system, so regular checks must be conducted. Good quality wiring is used to avoid any accidents.

Most of the common problems are pretty basic, and you will be able to attend to them with a screwdriver, a pair of pliers and a few supplies from Walmart. Still, there are some issues which demand the presence of a professional like a rewiring of the entire system, problems with voltage and checking for faulty or open wires. Everyone should learn the skill and be able to perform the necessary repairs or fixes which do not require you to call for an electrician, and this will not only save your time and money but also make you more informed about you house and how to deal with matters of the electrical system in an emergency. Here are some fundamental problems and how you could deal with them.

Insufficient outlets


Most of us come across this problem in our daily lives, although the modern homes are made with enough outlets keeping in mind the excessive number of appliances and gadgets in each house, older homes were not built the same way. You will see people using extension cords and similar equipment to deal with this problem. The extension cord and wire plugs must be of good quality and optimum thickness so that it can take the load of more cumbersome appliances. Make sure to choose extensions boards which already have a fuse incorporated in them, and this will save you from hazardous accidents and protect the home.

Replacing plugs and sockets

With an increase in the use of gadgets, the usage of sockets has also increased, charging a device has become a part of our daily lives as the days of replaceable battery are gone. With consistent overuse, these sockets and plugs suffer regular wear and tear, ending up to be lose, damaged or fall of the wall. These issues can be handled quickly, without the help of a professional by getting a new socket and replacing the old one. Check for dampness in the wall which may cause rusting, also look for any possible mice intrusions.


Always remember to cut the mainline of the home before you begin work on anything to do with wiring. Use proper equipment and keep safety the priority, in any case, if you feel that things are going out of hand, it is best to call a professional in such situations. Electrical work can prove to be very dangerous if you are not careful, dangers can range anywhere from high-end shocks to starting a fire.

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