Why Do You Need to Conduct Periodical Infrared Electrical and Building Envelope surveys?

Buildings and electrical systems are a mechanical device at work. There is the constant changing electrical load conditions that can cause expansion and contraction, which can cause electrical and water connections to work themselves loose. Electrical components have many different types of metallic surfaces connected together that expand and contract at different rates which can accelerate loosening. Having a major electrical component fail, can effectively shut down your production while you wait for repairs. An infrared thermal survey can spot potential problems before they become critical or worse. Using old technology contact temperature devices require that the operator be in contact with the heat source and check each and every wire, connection, and breaker one at a time which is very time consuming. With thermal imaging, our technicians take one image that covers the entire panel or equipment and gives extremely accurate temperature readings. If a hot spot appears, additional images can be taken quickly for analysis. An infrared electrical survey is the most cost effective predictive maintenance you can do for your electrical system and components. In other words, what takes a crew of electricians a week to check, we can do in a day or two, and for less money. More importantly, we survey while your facility is operating normally....there is no need for you to stop production for our survey. Our thermal survey will tell you which components need to be repaired immediately and which can be repaired during your normally scheduled maintenance. Remember, most mechanical devices and electrical circuits get hot before they fail, we can spot temperature increases before problems get out of hand and become really expensive.

What components can and should be inspected?

Essentially, the entire electrical system including transformers, switchgear, distribution centers, sub-feed panels, distribution panels, bus ducts, motor control centers, disconnects, variable frequency drives, power connecting banks, etc. If the equipment is accessible, it can, and should be inspected.

Just for Electrical/mechanical systems?

The cost of energy is rising at a rapid clip, anywhere you as the business owner or manager can save on your energy costs is literally money in your bank. A periodic survey of your buildings thermal envelope can spot problems such as missing or damaged insulation, water leaks (especially in the insulation cavities that renders the R value nil) and more. With certain flat roofs, a thermal survey can spot trapped moisture in the insulation of the roof system. The best time for our survey is before you have a problem. For more information please call (509) 340-3070.


$150 per hour thermal scan and reporting time.

Half day rate $500, full day $900 including travel.

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