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Energy Doctors Affiliates earn executive level incomes assisting homeowners and businesses save money on their energy bills. Most homeowners and businesses realize the need to improve their structures energy efficiency but don't know where to turn for unbiased advice and professional guidance. Some utilities provide on-line "energy audits" which is akin to having your mechanic diagnose your cars problems by holding the phone up to the engine.

The Energy Doctors and our Affiliates provide expert advice to both homeowners and businesses by utilizing state of the art Thermal Imaging Equipment and professional training to diagnose and determine the most cost effective solutions to energy related problems. Our equipment allows us to virtually see inside walls and ceilings to determine among other things if the insulation is either missing, inadequate, improperly installed, or has been compromised by water infiltration. Before anyone can even begin to improve any buildings energy efficiency, you must first know what's wrong. The one size fits all approach from siding, window, insulation, and HVAC salesmen simply won't cut it with today's consumer. They expect and demand solutions based on the facts surrounding their specific problems, not your need for cash flow. Recently, The Wall Street Journal reported the next big revolution for business is energy efficiency, and those firms failing to address consumers desire for improving their energy efficiency may very well not be around in the coming years.

Electrical Panel Surveys and Predictive Maintenance Services:

All businesses and manufacturers require periodic maintenance on their equipment and especially on their electrical systems vital to the production process. At The Energy Doctors, we provide periodic Electro/Mechanical surveys to business and industry to predict electrical problems before they get out of hand. A typical industrial plant may have dozens of power panels, and hundreds of motor controls/circuit breakers etc. To check each and every one of these systems can take a team of electricians days to check out each and every one including wiring for defects. A single professional Thermographer can survey an entire plant in less than half the time and cost. Perhaps even more important, an Energy Doctors thermal survey is done while the facility is up and running and under load thus saving the cost of shutting down production for a routine maintenance survey. A number of insurance companies offer policy discounts to manufacturers that utilize thermal surveys for predictive maintenance. Statistics show that 30% of fires are electrical in nature, an Energy Doctors survey can help prevent fire simply by detecting electrical problems before they become apparent. Our firm and our Affiliates bill an average of $150 per hour for this service

Consider This:

Each year millions of homes change hands. Over 80% of those have an ordinary visual inspection that does not address energy efficiency. (5.6 million Inspections= $1.6 Billion) Our typical survey takes approximately 1 hour, and at an average of $250.00 per survey, a typical Affiliate working less than full time performing only 20 surveys per week will gross $5000.00 per week or $250,000. per year. The majority of our homeowner business is from current homeowners and businesses that are desperate to save money on their energy bills. Energy costs in most areas of the country are the third largest expense of home ownership after mortgage and taxes. The states of Nevada and Massachusetts have recently passed legislation mandating Energy Audits of all homes sold. It won't be long before more states require our services. The one question most of our Affiliates ask themselves when considering the purchase of a business is “is there already a market for this?”The easiest way to answer is to ask yourself, if when you bought your home, and if you were aware that a service existed that could have checked your home before you bought it for energy efficiency, and for less than the cost of cleaning the carpets, would you have taken advantage of it? Now go ask some of your neighbors.

Our Program

Our new Affiliates receive intensive one-on-one training at our facilities in either Spokane, Washington or Henderson, Nevada which includes hands on field work. Energy Doctors Affiliates also receive all equipment including new state of the art thermal imaging equipment built to our specifications, all software, and computer equipment necessary for you to run your new business. Simply knowing how to complete an energy audit and use the equipment is not enough. During and after our training session you will learn our proven marketing system and how to promote your new business without spending a fortune. Ordinary inspection opportunities teach you how to beg real estate agents for business.The Energy Doctors marketing program will show you how to have the public come to you.

In addition to the Thermographer Certification course, our Affiliates also take the Building Analyst and Hers Rater course which is based upon a broad building science curriculum. The information in the course covers areas included in the BPI Building Certification Model, the RESNET Home Energy Rating Standards, and the WAP Core Competencies. Affiliates who complete the course will possess the skills needed to sit for the BPI and RESNET exams.

To qualify for this opportunity you should be prepared to invest $64,900. and posess sufficient working capital for ongoing expenses. Financing is available to qualified individuals. For more information on availability, costs and to be considered as our Affiliate in your area, please fill out the information form and submit the information page.

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